Diamond Club Poker joined forces with Playtech in 2004, along with Prestige Gaming’s two other online poker rooms Playgate Poker andPrestige Poker itself (other brands on the iPoker/Playtech network include Titan Poker, Noble Poker and CD Poker). Along with the other poker rooms on the network, Diamond Club Poker benefits hugely from the neatly-designed Playtech software: Diamond Club Poker is reliable, consistent, easy-on -the-eye, and, above all, it plays very smoothly.

A previous version of this review read: ‘unfortunately for Diamond Club Poker, it has Titan Poker, Noble Poker and CD Poker to contend with; these poker rooms currently offer some of the biggest bonuses in online poker today, and the assumption is that Diamond Club Poker and her sisters are amongst the smaller fish on the network.’ This status has now been reversed, with Diamond Club Poker offering an improved bonus of 50% up to $300 with a top value play-through level; this online poker room has suddenly (along with its stablemates Prestige Poker and Playgate Poker, which have identical bonus awards) become the most attractive iPoker proposition.


Diamond Club Poker has all the usual features of a Playtech-designed poker room including removeable avatars,an in-play pop up of stats and hand-history, full-size screen mode, find a player, change card size and colours.


The stake-range at Diamond Club Poker accomodates players of all budgets, with tourneys ranging from $1 + $0.10 to (at the time of writing) to $250 + $20 and ring games from $0.02 / $0.04 to $30 / $60.


There are three daily ‘no-play-requirement’ Texas Hold ’em freerolls at Diamond Club Poker, two with prize money of $100 and one $200 freeroll with an option to rebuy or add-on for $2. All are limited to 500 players which makes them worthwhile, but they fill up within 2 minutes of entry time, so you have to be quick. There are many other freerolls with play-requirements, and these must be the easiest play-requirements on the web. For example, there’s a $300 freeroll for players who played 100+ raked hands the previous day (at $0.25 / $0.50 or more) and a $500 Omaha freeroll for players who played 50+ hands of Omaha the previous week (amazing value for money).

Diamond Club Poker Bonus

Diamond Club Poker offers a bonus of 50% up to $300.

Player Numbers and Growth

As previously mentioned, Diamond Club Poker is part of the iPoker network and shares a small but growing band of players.


Diamond Club Poker, along with all the other iPoker Poker cardrooms, offers big prizes for consecutive wins in their ‘jackpot’ games. Players also have the chance to win their way into the Scandinavian Open.


1. How easy is the Diamond Club Poker bonus to clear?
2. What are the negative points, if any?

ANS 1:

The Diamond Club Poker bonus currently stands at 50% up to $300. The bonus is paid in increments of $10, for which 500 ‘Diamond Points’ must be accrued. Diamond Points are earned at the rate of 20 per $1 in tournament fees and on the following basis for the amount paid in rake for each hand:

  • $0.25/$0.50 = 1 point
  • $0.51/$1 = 2 points
  • $1.01-$1.50 = 4 points
  • $1.51-$2 = 6 points
  • $2.01-$3 = 8 points

Players have the ability to earn more points by playing more hands and upgrading from their initial ranking of ‘Silver’ to ‘Gold ‘ and ‘Platinum.’ Gold status is achieved when a player makes 3500 points, and Platinum when a player makes 7500 points. Our ABC player earns 6 points for the first 7.3 days, upon which he reaches Gold standard. More points are then awarded to him per raked hand for reaching this level. He remains a Gold player for a further 7.14 days, upon which he becomes a Platinum level player. He is now earning 8 points per raked hand whereas he was only earning 6 points as a Silver player. It therefore takes 19.91 days to clear the full $300 bonus at a rate of $7.53 per hour. This rate is well above average and knocks its iPoker competitors for six: Fair Poker’s rate is $5.50 per hour, Noble Poker’s is $4.80, CD Poker’s is also $4.80 and Titan Poker’s is $2.40 (albeit $200 more).

ANS 2:

The negative points include the lack of attention paid by the group to its own website. They Still advertise the 2d/3d views even though it has been some while since the 3d view was abandoned by Playtech. There is also no live 24/7 help.


Industry standard 0 – 5% to a max $3 no flop no drop.

Deposit options

NETeller, InstaCash, Firepay, Click2Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Moneybookers, Central Coin and many others.


128 bit SSL encryption

Customer Services

Diamond Club provides 24/7 phone and email support.


Diamond Club Poker is amongst the top three poker rooms on the iPoker network based on its bonus clearance time. The other two are its stablemates Prestige Poker and Playgate Poker: Titan Poker, Noble Poker, CD Poker and Fair Poker are simply outshadowed by this trio in the bonus department. Very highly recommended for iPoker fans.