There are several strategies for how to win big at poker; some are better than others, and some are more advanced than others. One of the simplest and most common strategies is to aim toward winning one good hand per hour of play. If you can secure a consistent number of large wins, even against a multitude of small losses, you might be surprised by how well this strategy balances in your favor.

While the basis for the strategy is simple (averaging one large win every hour), a lot goes into pulling it off. If you are not a patient and calculating player, then this strategy probably won’t work for you. It requires a very tight playing style that alternates between conservative and aggressive. You also have to be comfortable betting big, because the focus of this poker strategy is taking big pots.

It is important for you to understand your ability to control a hand before you attempt this strategy, otherwise you will never be able to truly win big at poker. Players that are under the misconception that winning poker is about luck will not be able to pull this off. A confident player that knows that they can manipulate their opponents—and when and how they should—knows how easily they can improve their own odds and has the basic skills necessary to execute this strategy.

Manipulating Other Players in Your Favor

The easiest method of manipulating your opponents is by raising pre-flop. Re-raising pre-flop sends an even stronger message, and when done consistently and well can narrow your field significantly and put you in a good place to win the big pot. Of course the downside to raising pre-flop is that you may get nothing from the flop. The upside is that sometimes you do hit big, and thanks to your aggressive betting it pays big. This is the core of how the strategy works; you may lose out on a few pre-flop bets, but when you ride it out and win the payoff absorbs your losses.

Going All In

The best time to do this is with pocket Aces or Kings before the flop. The odds of one of your opponents beating you are incredibly low, and while many times you will clear the table this way, occasionally you will get an amateur willing to call. This is when the move pays off.

When you bet pre-flop, you set the tone for how the table is going to bet the rest of the hand. The players that call or raise your bets are prepared to play aggressively too. This is how you build a large pot. This is also why you should be careful about when you bet pre-flop. The best starting hands to bet on are obviously the biggest hands, but suited consecutive hands and middling pairs are also good for this strategy, the reason being that when you hit on the flop with these you are more likely to get a monster combination and thus a monster pot to go with it. The idea of this strategy is not to bet so aggressively that all of your opponents fold, but to milk them throughout the hand.

Taking these tips into consideration you should be able to win big at poker no matter who your opponent is!