If you are going to be able to play poker to any kind of standard, then you will need to know about all of the different possible poker hands and how they rank, in order to know what is a winning hand and what is one that you should just fold. Here at Winner Poker we would never send you off into the big, scary world of online poker without giving you the weapon of knowledge that you will need to have in order to at least defend yourself from all of the sharks out there – so here is an explanation of the hands and how they work.

We will start with the lowest valued of all of the poker hands: the high card. This is in fact not a hand at all, but it is what is left over when you cannot make one, and it consists of one card which is you highest ranked. If you have a high card king, and another player has a high card eight, you would win – but you should be careful with these kinds of hands as you will rarely see a chance to get anywhere with them. The first real hand on the list is one pair, which is simply what it says on the tin: a pair of matched cards in number. After this you will see two pair, which is two different pairs of cards and one left over which is not related to either of them. Three of a kind is ranked after this, with three of the same value card, and the next is a straight, which means five cards in consecutive order but not of the same suit.

For example, a jack of clubs, ten of hearts, nine of hearts, eight of spades, and seven of clubs in the same hand would be a straight. A flush is next, and this means that all of the cards are in the same suit as one another, but are not in any significant order. A full house gives you two of one card and three of another, taking care of that leftover card that hangs around in two pair! Four of a kind ranks above this, with all four of one card in your hand and one left over, while a straight flush trumps that, consisting of a set of cards in consecutive order from the same suit – such as eight, seven, six, five, and four of diamonds.

The king of all of the poker hands, however, is the royal flush. This is a very rare hand in which the cards are not only in consecutive order and from the same suit, but also including all of the highest value cards, in an order which goes ace, king, queen, jack, and finally ten. This is the ultimate hand which beats all others, but if you gamble on it coming up in the final round then you may lose out as it is not a common sight.