Poker is a game of math, probabilities and statistics. Without the proper knowledge of poker math, it will be very difficult to have a successful poker campaign. A lot of good online poker pros make their living using poker math. Knowing the probabilities of winning a hand and justifying it with pot odds can be the difference between a winning poker player and a losing one.

When I first started playing poker everything came pretty natural to me. I started out winning home games and doing pretty well online. I sort of knew the basics of pot odds and how to figure out the math. I had no idea what any of the math was, but it just sort of came natural to me. It wasn’t until months after I started playing a lot that I learned about the mathematics of poker. That one little difference in my game made me 100% better then I was before.

I am telling you right now, the math of poker is by far the most important aspect of the game. It is true that poker takes a lot of skills along with the math, but you really could win just by playing poker games using solid math.

This article is just an introduction to poker math. If you don’t already know the math, then you will soon learn it and figure out how important it is.

In poker, there is a percentage and a probability for everything that happens. If you play by the odds and probabilities then you cannot lose over a long period of time.


To figure out the percentage winning a specific hand on the flop you would count your outs, multiply by 4 and add 1. I will write a very in depth post on the formulas and odds later, but for now this is just to prove a point.

So if you have a flush draw and an open ended straight draw then you will have a total of 19 outs. With 19 outs you have roughly a 77% chance that you will make a flush or straight on the turn or river.

19 outs * 4 = 76 + 1 = 77

So with that draw, you will win 77% of the time over the long run.

Playing when the odds are on your side will make you more money in the long run. Just think about if you had a 77% chance to lose the hand. If that were the case, and you played that hand and draw every time it came up, then you would lose a lot of money over the long run.

Poker math is very important, and I just wanted to get that out before I started posting articles on how to figure out all of the math.