One of the most important phases of this legendary game is poker position. Even some of us more experienced players forget to think about playing position at the poker table. If you are not aware of what position is or what I am talking about then you definitely need to keep reading. If you do know what I am talking about; read it anyways to remind yourself.

What is Poker Position?

When you play, each player at the table is a specific “position” each hand. The ideal poker position starts with the player left of the dealer and goes around to the dealer. The further away from the dealer that you are; the better your position is. The best position is the button (which is the dealer). It is really a must know if you are a poker player. This is very basic poker knowledge.

As you can see from the image above, there are three different positions at the poker table – early position, middle position and late position. As I said before late position is the best, then middle sucks and early position really sucks. It is a proven fact that you will win more poker hands in late position then early position. No; that doesn’t mean you will get better hands, it means you will win more hands.

Why Late Position?

When you are in late position it allows you to be able to see what your opponents are going to do before you have to do anything. That gives you the advantage because you can make your decision based off of your opponent. You have a lot more chances to get information on players then you would if you were in early position.

Early poker position forces you to make a decision before anyone else at the table. You can gather information from your opponents betting and decision making, but not until you have already made a decision yourself. It might be valuable information for the next round, but sometimes there is no next round; most of the time you need the information before you make your decision.